2012 – New Year, New Resolutions

Last year around this time I decided to make a resolution. However, I knew that most resolutions tend to fail after about a week, so I wanted to make mine simple. I decided on something that I thought wouldn’t be too difficult: Do everything better in 2011 than 2010. I think it worked out fairly well.

Programming is the first thing that comes to mind, as I have recently been working on creating a PHP-powered CMS from scratch with my friend Dakota (xSSKT). It’s been going well and I feel like I’m understanding programming now like I never have before. I was also hired for my first job at a Barnes & Noble college bookstore. However, the best decision I made all year was attending the was attending the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries) at Virginia Tech. Not only is there a plethora of regular food-serving events to attend, but the services are solid and the messages are good. Naturally this year hasn’t been all great (It was probably one of the worst of my 19 years, to be honest), but I believe having the plan to improve upon 2010 helped me do things better than I would have otherwise.

Now looking forward to 2012, I look forward to doing a number of things, but mainly I look to do them with consistency. I have my moments when I can program fluently, win a ping pong game (yes, Dakota, I know it’s rare), or get a lot done, but I seem to not be able to do such things on a regular basis. Consistency is one of my two resolutions for this year – I want to learn to consistently do things such as sleep, study, blog, program, and think about others before I do or say things. Basically, I want to do 3/4 of this on a regular basis.

My other resolution is to get out of some ruts I have gotten into over the last few years. I have some things I constantly end up doing that I would really like to start mixing up with different things. For example, I always tend to eat the same foods. I want to try some new things, or if you want to get really cheesy about it, expand my horizons.

Finally, (ending the post on a completely different note) I want to mention that this blog will probably be going in a slightly different direction in the future. We’re not saying much about it at this point, but that project I’m working on with my friend is going to be a more technically-oriented website. With that said, posts with a more technical twist that may have ended up on this blog will probably be posted at the new site in the future. This blog will stick around, but there will be a certain difference on which I have yet to completely decide. Expect it to remain about computers, the internet, and the like, but the content will change slightly.

2 thoughts on “2012 – New Year, New Resolutions”

  1. Nice post man. To anyone besides Wenger that reads this, don’t let him fool you with the ping pong. He can definitely win more than the occasional game. I definitely agree with a lot here. The new project will definitely have different effects on our blogs, but I am definitely looking forward to whatever comes.

    I also want to say consistency is another thing I need for this new year. Nice points. Hope you can keep up this blog though I would still like to read a good post from time to time from you.

    Oh and can’t agree more with the BCM. Could write about its greatness in a full post if I really felt like it :p

  2. Haha, you’ve got me beat on the ping pong though. :P

    I’ll definitely keep up this blog. I’m considering writing another relatively short post tonight. Good luck on your trip!

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