I'm Robert Wenger. I do web development.

I'm currently working on a Content Management System (CMS) that should make it easy for website owners to set up a site any way they want. Want a blog with a forum? Want a page for your company with a blog for news? Want a product page with a forum for product support? With the CMS I am building, you can do all of these things with one installation of the software! Check back in Winter '15-'16 for updates.

About Me

I have a cookie addiction.

I'm a Hokie, graduating in the Spring of 2016. I also work, and I do web development when I get a chance. I love Virginia Tech football. You can often find me on fan message boards posting funny (to me) images or just reading film analysis articles.


Check out my most current resume:



Feel free to contact me for freelance inquiries or employment opportunities.